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Ulrike Bauer - English-Workshop licensed translator English/German

You need a translation from English into German or from German into English, in the fields of
aquaristics & fishkeeping or mechanical engineering & economy?

You have written an English or German text and would feel a lot more secure if you knew that someone had a closer look at grammar and vocabulary? Or maybe you have already got a translation and are not so sure whether it's correct?

You'd like to bring your (or your staff's) English to perfection?
I offer English courses in your company or my office, Business English or general English, group or one-to-one courses.

Your satisfaction is my no. 1 priority!



The prices for texts comprising 10 DIN A4 pages (font size 12, no graphs) or less are calculated on the basis of standard lines with 55 character strokes, including spaces and punctuation marks. Depending on the difficulty of the text, the standard line costs between 0.55 and 0.75 €.

Texts longer than 10 DIN A4 pages (font size 10, no graphs) will be calculated on the basis of standard pages, which is more favourable for you. A standard page has 1,800 characters, including spaces and punctuation marks, and is between 16,00 and 18,00 €, depending on its difficulty.

A lump-sum price both parties can live with is, of course, an option for substantial translations like e.g. books. This will enable you to plan your costs reliably and spares me a time-consuming final price calculation.

The price for proofreading is on an hourly base, 30 € per 60 minutes.

The text you'd like to have translated or proofread is already a Word, Open Office or pdf file? Please feel free to email it to me, I'll be pleased to give you a cost estimate free of charge. (bitte mit Email-Adresse unterlegen) If you happen to have them only in hardcopy form you'll have to use snail mail, I'm afraid ...

For English courses I charge 40 € per 60 minutes, working materials for the trainees are included. One lesson does not have to be a full hour, shorter training units are of course also possible.

If your company is farther than 15 km from Weinstadt-Grossheppach I'm afraid I'll have to charge travel expenses.




How to contact me



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Ulrike Bauer
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